the bees

Averie Clark, founder & creative director

AverieI learned many lessons from my grandmothers growing up – key among them how to be resourceful with what one has, the pleasure of crafting beautiful practical items by one’s own hand, and the joy of helping and giving to others.

By generous and loving example, both Mary (“Nanny”) and Leona (“Grandma”) demonstrated how rich one can be while living simply and paying attention to what really matters – being there for the people in your life whether family, friend, or stranger.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, environmental sensibilities, marketing, retail, design, and non-profit experience, my idea to launch The Bee has been “brewing” for years as a way to express my own artistic nature, share some of what I’ve learned, and empower others –especially women – to explore their true potential.

in the hive

An expanding and evolving group of local women are already sharing their expertise, enthusiasm, and beautiful spirits in support of The Bee. Together they bring many years of both professional and amateur sewing and crafting experience as well as a mutual belief in repurposing and the power of women to build positive community.

meet the makers

Andrea & Betsy


We are officially incorporated as Collective Courage, LLC DBA (doing business as) The Bee

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